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GPS Heads Up Display & Speedometer

GPS Heads Up Display & Speedometer

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The HUD computer eliminates the need for cluttering your vehicle with aftermarket gauges, leaving it with a much cleaner and simplistic interior look. But is also a lot quicker and easier to install with very simple plug-and-play, single cable connection to either USB or OBD2.

The screen has a completely adjustable angle and 6 different display interfaces with customizable info such as fuel consumption, oil temperature, boost, and so much more.

This product also contains an acceleration tester to measure your 0-60mph time or 0-100kmh depending on where you live, and a brake tester to see 60-0mph/100-0kmh time.

The Anti-slip mat included is made from a sticky, slime-like rubber to keep the computer steady and planted on your dashboard, even at hard acceleration or braking. But before placing it down we recommend you give your dash a thorough wipe for a clean surface for the mat to stick onto. 

International shipments should take 8-15 days after the order is received.


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